Easter 2006 + News!

Hey folks, I’m really busy with the work for Avatar Press (making the covers to Medieval Lady Death and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The Grind miniseries chapters.
Below, some covers:

As we’re close to Easter, here is my greeting card to the visitors, to my friends and my coworkers, wishing a happy Easter to you all. Hope you like it!
Some more news: the cover I made, with colors by Úrsula Dorada (Sulamoon) for the Brazillian band HIBRIA was chosen one of the best in the country! That came as a surprise, especially when the band told me the good news. Congratulations also to the band itself, for Hibria was chosen by readers and websurfers of the specialized press one of the best in their style in last year’s election!

As soon as the present jobs are finished, I want to make a bigger update in the ART galleries. Yes, I do remember I have a website. :) In the meantime, I’ve posted in the gallery 11 new art in COVERS/PINUPS, 06 new files in SKETCHES and 03 pages in, well, PAGES section.

Thanks for the tips from my buddies Roger Cruz, EdBenes and Eduardo Francisco. Those three adopted blogs/photologs to update their works on the web. It’s a very handy resource, and I even already have one, for this text you’re reading is posted with a blog tool. Really, it’s the time that’s been running short lately!

Take care you all, and talk to you soon!