News on June/July

Hello everyone.
In a rush, but carrying good news.
Brazillian band Rosa Tattooada’s new album, RENDE-VOUZ, is out in June or July. I’m saying this because I have some illustrations in the album’s graphic material, with coloring from my friend and studio colleague Úrsula Dorada (Sulamoon). See the whole image! And find a way to buy the CD, ok?:P
The Rosa Tattooada official website have show your new design with a lot off that illustrations too!

See below some of the covers of the new publications with art by me, already announced on Avatar Press’s official website.
nullMedieval Lady Death - War Of The Winds - Premium Covernullnullnull
And there will be more stuff, because I’ve renewed my contract with Avatar for three more years! And there is much yet to come! Rest assured it will be all announced here! :)
See more about too on releases published on, HQ Maniacs and Omelete websites (only in Portuguese – sorry).

Besides that, I’ll be at ANIMECON 2006 (on Brazil) next July. This is one of my country’s most traditional anime and manga events, and I’ll be there as a guest, teaching and chatting with whoever goes to the event. It’ll be great to meet old friends! My homies from ETHORA will be there for the release of Ethora Especial 2006 (in which all of us, colleagues and friends of the hard-working Erica Horita, Beth Kodama and Elton Azuma contribute with one page per story, all for fun, good times and friendship)! We will be there, partying!

On the website’s sections, strong>4 more pictures in Art/Covers & Pinups, 2 files in Art/Pages and more 4 images in Art/Sketches.
PLUS: 3 desktop wallpapers 123 :D Enjoy!
Take care you all, and until next upload!