Lady Death Annual, TV Scream Awards, New Works, Uploads and more!

Hey everyone! August and September went by with no uploads, due to work and the beginning of a new term – which always creates a bit of a mess. But here comes news. Now, with a short break, I post here some news… Late last month I finished the Lady Death #1 annual (shipping this month). I’m responsible for the art of some Lady Death’s books as well as variant covers for the book and for special one-shots. Below are the covers shown on the Avatar Press website.

nullnull Some of these arts are online, in lineart, here in ART>COVERS E PINUPS section.

On Lady Death’s official website there’s a preview of the annual edition. Inks are by my buddy and studio mate Newton Barbosa, and the script is by Lady Death’s own creator, Brian Pulido.

More good news regarding my work at Avatar: Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The Grind (script by Brian Pulido, art by me, inks by Alcione Silva, Roberto ”Bob” Koya, Elvis Moura, and Newton Barbosa) was nominated for the TV SCREAM AWARDS 2006, under BEST SCREEN-TO-COMIC ADAPTATION. The winner was the adaptation of Army Of Darkness, but just being nominated makes me very happy. Check it out and see the award party.

Local news: from October 14 to October 22, the 4th Annual Bookfaire of Niterói/Canoas (a city in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) will hold many activities related to literature and arts in general. I’ve had the honor of being invited to be the patron of this year’s event. Comics will be promoted as a teaching and entertainment tool in schools here in Brazil, among teachers, and the general public, and I agree wholeheartedly with this proposition!

Uploads: 4 pics in COVERS & PINUPS, 3 in SKETCHES, and 5 in PAGES. Thanks for the comments about the wallpapers. A lot of folks liked them, and I promise to make more new stuff available soon!

Oh, by the way – you must have noticed that we’ve added banners and links related to the website on the right. Some of them, such as the Comics Course (held in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), the DINAMO STUDIO, and info about original art sales and comissions will be visible for access soon! Thanks everyone, and now back to work! Til the next upload!
Take care!