This is a amazing David Bowie album. I remember read about this CD an a newspaper, in São Paulo, when I’m star to work to USA comics publishers. After return to Rio Grande do Sul, I’ve buy this record and after listened, … the great and good surprise: Bowie’s again with conceptual works. The previous album (the good Black Tie – White Noise) sounds like the good 80’s Bowie’s stuff, like Let’s Dance and Never Let Me Down, … It’s Ok, but don’t have a music concept first-to-last track. But this OUTSIDE (1995) it’s really cool. Bowie works here with Brian Eno & Pet Shop Boys . Sounds fresh and nostalgic, like the old classics (when Bowie create characters to interpretation in all tracks, an all the musics on his albums telling a story, from the beginning to the end).

In Outside, we follow the investigative work about a serial killer who transforms the places where make these crimes in “art installations”, using parts of the bodies on these environments (very creepy :p). The tracks (very electronic and dark) featuring some other characters on this plot (all performed by Bowie). I don’t will tell the end. I hate spoilers. But it’s an awesome work!


6 thoughts on “OUTSIDE

  1. Não me considero um fã ardoroso do David Bowie.Mas,digo-te que ele fez canções marcantes a meu ver.Fiz uma ilustração dele de perfil,com chapéu preto e microfone, tirada da extinta revista INFO.Devo ter te mostrado.Será postado em meu fotolog.

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