Current project – Snack Preview

Like I’ve been showing in the Web Greeting cards, I’ve been drawing zombies too much.

My new project with Avatar Press’s related with horror/zombies theme. Unfortunately, I can’t talk nothing more on moment.
But, like I’ve been doing in other times, there’s a snack preview (just a panel, sorry) of the projec. It’s huge, a lot of pages (thanks God, i’m in the middle of this journey) :)

Soon (i believe) I’ll talk more about!
Thanks for visiting!


4 thoughts on “Current project – Snack Preview

  1. ohhhh.. mas esse rapaiz tem uma flexibilidade no maxilar… invejável!! =P haha — *medo* =O
    tá demais esse “snack”, estou curiosa pra ver mais! vê se mostra logo mais dos zumbisss!!
    Te desejo um bom trabalho aí!! tudo dibom!
    beijos! =)

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