Lady Death Commission MAKING OF

There´s a new making of video, this time from a new commissioned art.

Bellow, the image!


If you liked and want to request a commissioned art to you, just take a look at the Commissions area and contact my art dealer for more info!


14 thoughts on “Lady Death Commission MAKING OF

  1. Caracas, gostei do trabalho com o nankin. Deus não me deu coordenação motora pra trabalhar com isso!
    Que lapiseira é essa que vc usa no video? (2)
    E que lábios essa Lady Death tem, hein? hehehe

    Ótimo trabalho, como sempre.

    Abraços dude o/

  2. Daniel, is surprising to see the process of your work. I am admired by your accuracy and cleaning with the pencil. And you erase a heap!! I never erase, I have the same eraser for years!! XDXDXD!
    Congratulation and thank you to show it, MASTER. :)

  3. @Juan Jose RyP
    Man, believe me, most of my previous sketches at the final art paper have been made with blue-pencils. It´s good, and keep the original art clean and intact to receive the inks! Commission pieces require these kind of detainment and attention. My current works at pages have a lot of under sketches, like your amazing pencils, my friend!

    Thanks for the visit and the comment, Juanjo!

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