Tao, a gift to Maurício Dias

This illustration was a gift to my friend Maurício Dias.
His character´s Tao is one of many showed at his graphic novel, Retro City (coming up here in Brazil), and have participating of many Dinamo Studio mates, drawing short stories with the Mauricio´s characters. My short storie shows Tao, his character, created using the Batman archetype, a direct reference to the golden agecomics heroes (like all Mauricio Dias creations to Retro City project).

But when I´ve made the art of the character´s story, I´ve tryed to catch some martial arts visual punch, and a comparation with Green Hornet´s sidekick Kato (interpretated by Bruce Lee) is inevitable :D.

Maurício publish these illustration first in his blog. Check it out!

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