After NYCC 2010

The Comic Con in New York was absolutely amazing to me! It was my first time in a NY Comic Con. And I loved!

Finally I´ve knew many work fellows in person, and create new friendships! It was amazing! Realy!

Travel with my friends Eddy Barrows (with “the Barrows Family”), Ivan Reis (with his wife Katia Aida) and Joe Prado (with his wife Tatiana Prado) , Breno Tamura, Caio Lopes and Rodney Buchemi (“the Serginhos – hahahaha”) was very cool and funny!

To all people who visited my booth at NYCC and the new friends that I´ve made in my visit to the big apple! Again, thanks to all! It was so many people, …

Thanks, from all of my heart! The support to my work and your feedbacks are very important!
I´ll post some sketches done at the NYCC, and some pics. Excuse me for the delay to post something after my return. I´m with my deadlines screaming here  at my schedule XD!

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