Commission List OPEN – sketches to NYCC 2011


Some requests to NYCC 2011.

3moonknight 2blackcat Green Goblin Spider-Woman Jean Grey

Take a look at the new promotional prices to this Commission List:

My commission list to NYCC is OPEN (only sketches, finishing with marker) to be delivered in person at this NYCC 2011. As we all already know, the day will be October 13-16.

The prices are as it follows:

* 9 x 12 “

Head shot – $ 20.00
Torso – $ 40.00
Full-Body – $ 80.00

* 11 x 14 “

Full Body – $ 100.00
2 characters – $ 200.00

PLUS: I have exclusive RITTENHOUSE ARTIST PROOF papers to Commissioned SketchCards: – X-MEN Archives sketchcards set (3 cards) – Spider-Man Archives sketchcards set (8 cards) – Marvel Heroes and Villains sketchcards set (10 cards)

Prices for commissions at these official sketchcard sets:

Head shot – $ 40.00
Torso – $ 50.00

Commissions can now be ordered through my email

I’ll be at the ARTIST ALLEY inside NYCC. I just don’t have my table number yet.
As soon as I have it I’ll update this post entry with it!


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